By Felix Salmon
September 29, 2009
World Bank

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Das: “self-regulation bears the same relationship to regulation that self importance does to importance” — Kedrosky

“You can quickly see why deer would do well to exit West Virginia and move, say, to Hawaii” — Kedrosky

Allen Stanford, prison brawler — Business Insider

That Zoellick speech in full — World Bank

James Wagner vs the New Museum. The blockish thing on the Bowery does not come out well — JW

Some very good points about the limitations of the Kindle in an academic setting — Princetonian

“China isn’t conquering Russia, it’s just leasing it.” — TED

“Outlets who gag social media are unilaterally disarming in the war for reader attention.” — Carr

“Mr. Murdoch, meet price elasticity”: People don’t like subscriptions going up 50% without any warning or notification.– ZDNet

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Can you list TED as in ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’ and TED ‘The Epicurean Dealmaker’ in a manner that would uniquely identify them?

I propose The ED and TED.

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