September 29, 2009

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Ryan Avent defends me against DeBord: “there is a very strong correlation between living in sprawl and being obese”. — The Bellows

Time magazine does a double smackdown on the Wash Post’s super-lame Twitter policy — Poniewozik

It’s been a while since I saw a personal-finance column with the phrase “round up to the nearest quarter-million” — BNet

Matt Taibbi joins the naked-short-selling-is-a-crisis crowd — True/Slant

Vodafone pays its bike commuters £85 per month — FT

The Atlantic’s First Draft of History event later this week now has a website — Atlantic

Chittum finds explicit political partisanship in the WSJ’s lede on Merkel’s victory — CJR

Geoff Hargadon’s “Cash For Your Warhol” prank at the Rose Art Museum — Wooster Collective

Princeton sign painters must think the local geese are smart enough to read signs — Twitpic

Gay Talese on how the tape recorder killed journalism. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. — BigThink

Ben Stein has “earned acclaim as an economist and a former columnist for the New York Times”, we’re told. From whom? — BizJournals

John Cassidy starts blogging — NewYorker


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