September 30, 2009

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How the art world embraces much more photography than, say, painting — WaPo

Can we force the ratings agencies to have some kind of skin in the game should their ratings go spectacularly awry? — Drum

The end of TED’s magnum opus on banker pay has some really good insights — TED

Vanity Fair owns the Conde-McKinsey-end-of-an-era story — VF

Konczal on Waldman on Konczal on vanilla products – this is the blogosphere at its finest — Rortybomb

Placebo may cause side effects — the same side effects as the medicine for which it’s standing in — Cheeptalk

This CQ mess makes the Economist look positively evil. Do they know that? — WaPo

True Blood, now in its 18th week of DVD release has $54.998 million in total sales. — TV by the Numbers

Newsmax publishes, then takes down, column calling for military coup against Obama — TPM

With the FDIC taking over 95 banks this year, it has many assets to dispose of, including a Ferrari — The Deal


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