October 5, 2009

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Did you know the pata negra iberico pig originated in the US? — Feedbag

Olivia Judson with a good short explanation of what’s happening to Simon Singh in the UK — NYT

A long piece on the new Damien Hirst, by Sarah Thornton — Times

Hope, donated by lobbyists. Frank Rich is on form this week. — NYT

Why housing derivatives will never take off: you can’t delta-hedge them. — Rortybomb

The high dollar price of being gay — NYT

Shouldn’t the “extensive newsroom dialogue” on WaPo Twitter guidelines come before their publication, rather than after? — WaPo

NYT ‘obtains’ 248-pg report on bloody Afghanistan battle- & then doesn’t post it or explain why not — NYT

I had good fun on BNN Friday. The DC studio is definitely nicer than the Nasdaq studios in Times Square. — BNN

Evening Standard to be free paper — BBC


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