October 6, 2009
Kid Dynamite

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Commonfund releases its 2009 higher education price index. The cost of running a university is +2.3% this year. — Commonfund (PDF)

Ralph Lauren picks a copyright fight with the wrong gang — BoingBoing

Can we call this the last word on the subject? Kid Dynamite on Taibbi — Kid Dynamite

The radical incoherence at Brandeis continues. How embarrassing. — Justice

Rewriting God: “This quotation is a favorite of liberals but should not appear in a conservative Bible.” — Conservapedia

The astonishingly short life of a bagel — Serious Eats

Tim Phillips says nice things about me. We anti-anti-counterfeiting types have to stick together! — Research Live

I hate to say it, but Tina really does get it. — Daily Beast

In 2004, Gourmet commissioned David Foster Wallace to write 7600 words on lobsters. Now they’re both dead. — Gourmet

WTF is a “premium reading experience”? — Poynter


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