By Felix Salmon
October 6, 2009
Kid Dynamite

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Commonfund releases its 2009 higher education price index. The cost of running a university is +2.3% this year. — Commonfund (PDF)

Ralph Lauren picks a copyright fight with the wrong gang — BoingBoing

Can we call this the last word on the subject? Kid Dynamite on Taibbi — Kid Dynamite

The radical incoherence at Brandeis continues. How embarrassing. — Justice

Rewriting God: “This quotation is a favorite of liberals but should not appear in a conservative Bible.” — Conservapedia

The astonishingly short life of a bagel — Serious Eats

Tim Phillips says nice things about me. We anti-anti-counterfeiting types have to stick together! — Research Live

I hate to say it, but Tina really does get it. — Daily Beast

In 2004, Gourmet commissioned David Foster Wallace to write 7600 words on lobsters. Now they’re both dead. — Gourmet

WTF is a “premium reading experience”? — Poynter


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I don’t think we can call it the last word on the naked short subject. That is a very minor issue and does not, in the least, undermine Taibbi’s larger point about naked shorting. Taibbi even specifically says in an earlier post how if a trader is planning to close his position by end of day, the rules are a complete sham. KD’s whole post seems even to reinforce that.

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I was disappointed that this didn’t make your cut for remainders–

Gary Gorton (of AIG FP fame) pens a piece on the financial crisis, focusing on the run on firms in the repo market! 0/05/dealbook-dialogue-gary-gorton/

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Advocate transparency by publishing Bond Forward issues calendar with price and yield for bonds already issued. Keep the last month’s bonds on the list and link to the earlier month’s list. Cusip numbers would help too.

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That DFW jibe is incredibly poor taste Felix.

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