Ben Stein’s antagonist is not a gangster

By Felix Salmon
October 7, 2009
desperate lawsuit launched by Adaptive Marketing, Ben Stein’s sleazy paymasters, trying to uncover the identity of a critical blogger? The good news is that it's been dropped:

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Remember the desperate lawsuit launched by Adaptive Marketing, Ben Stein’s sleazy paymasters, trying to uncover the identity of a critical blogger? The good news is that it’s been dropped:

Plaintiff Adaptive Marketing LLC (“Adaptive”) gives notice that this action appears to have become moot and, accordingly, it is hereby withdrawing this action as to all parties without costs to any party. The clerk may mark this matter “withdrawn.”

The better news is that Adaptive seem to be disappearing down a crazy rabbit hole:

Adaptive believes that it has discovered the name and address of the person in question, thereby mooting this action… The name and address discovered by Adaptive are as follows:

Franklin Seegers
1266 Morse Street, N.E.
Apt. #306
Washington, D.C. 20002

Franklin Seegers, as a minute’s Googling will reveal, is an inmate of Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina, having been given a 40-year sentence in 2006 for his role in a violent drug gang known as Murder Inc. I don’t know who “flâneur de fraude” is, but I’m quite sure that it’s not Seegers. Still, I hope that Adaptive spend lots of time and money trying to serve a lawsuit on Seegers claiming defamation. This could be very funny indeed.

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I’m sure Franklin Seegers is a very uncommon name, but isn’t it possible that there is more than one of them?

Fess up, Salmon. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? :-)

Posted by otto | Report as abusive

Is it any wonder I’m envious of those who have jobs? Here I am, far more than less doing the right thing and learning new technologies while the college boys plot my ilk’s demise. Did any of these highly schooled but poorly educated characters perceive that “flâneur de fraude” was french for lazy fraud? The amount of effort needed to uncover the origin of this user of a nom de plume used up about 15 minutes of my unemployed time!

The emergence of “free credit” ripoffs and identity theft protectors is a disgrace. Don’t we have a justice system for those protections? Oh, I forget,,They’re busy protecting insurance companies, bankers, (not banks) and the government from folks who fail to contribute to their election campaigns.

Posted by Unemployed | Report as abusive

Hey Felix,

I think “Front Row Washington” has my identity on a “don’t post this guy’s opinions” list. If you have any contact with their editorial decision makers, tell them censorship is really cool if you’re 1939 Germany.

Or,, just tell them to kiss my ass!

Posted by Unemployed | Report as abusive
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