October 8, 2009

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This article on the rise of debt cards really should have mentioned overdraft fees — WaPo

Slideshow of the Obamas’ art choices — NYT

The meaning of the White House art — Atlantic Wire

Oooops. Somali pirates attack a French naval ship by mistake — BBC

Neil Collins takes the long view: “Gold tends to go down when money is tight, and up when conditions are easy.” — Reuters

Wells Fargo is raising its credit-card rates by 3 percentage points, one day before the law stops them doing that any more — Bloomberg

GQ’s “will you be my black friend” feature to be made into Chris Rock movie produced by Oprah — NYDN

Pictures of abandoned towns — Flavorwire

The Louvre declares its new McDonald’s to be “in line with the museum’s image” — Telegraph

Tina Brown: Old media’s “volcanic realignment” will create “golden age of journalism” — I Want Media

Treasury’s PPIP plan finally lands, and bankers resoundingly answer, “Dude, what’s the point?” — IDD

CNN, like a moth to the slaughter, ditches reporting for nonsense — Guardian

More Conde cuts: “the spokeswoman said Details will operate without a publisher” — NYP

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