October 9, 2009

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What’s the opposite of adverse? Anyway, that’s the kind of selection that Kaiser Permanente is up to — MR

Can a private-collection art show have real curatorial purpose? Tyler Green says no. I’m inclined to agree — MAN

Robert Parker hasn’t been to Spain since 1972! — Dr Vino

When will Gwyneth Paltrow finally have investing advice in her newsletter? Right now baby, right now. — Goop

Moms under 18 have to get parental consent for prescription contraceptives. Texas! — Economist

Suddenly, Ben Stein cares about conflicts of interest — Bercovici

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics: Volume One — Amazon

Norway is the only country that has never had different classes on its trains — FT

Rights activists see double standard in Twitter arrest — Reuters

Econ fail: Forbes mag screws up basic economics — CWS

Pink, women-only taxis combat insecurity in Puebla — Inca Kola

Major troubles at the Met. I hope Peter Gelb can recover: this is bad! — NYO

Wisconsin Tourism Federation changes name to avoid acronym — JS


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