October 9, 2009

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Another attempt at movie derivatives. Any particular reason to believe this one will succeed where so many have failed? — FT

Why are the ratings agencies like the villainous South African diplomat in Lethal Weapon 2? — FinReg21

Sam Sifton is Reinhold Niebuhr’s grandson?! — TBM

My blog goes multimedia! Or, Reuters points a video camera at me and gets me to talk about Phibro — Reuters

If shares in a pizza rise from $1 to $2, the meal will still be no bigger. Why stocks aren’t wealth — Economist

Mohamed El-Erian and Chase Carey might agree. But I’m dubious about mustachioed men earning more — Reuters

Rovzar on the NYT on Harvard — NYMag

How to boil an egg, scientifically — Serious Eats

The Stocktwits Charity Poker Tournament — Pokerformycharity

TheStreet jumps the shark — Wall St Cheat Sheet

Dynamite the Nobel prize in economics! — Reuters

How did I miss this? High-Frequency Trading Hits The Daily Show —TBI


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