October 12, 2009
TNR, Crimson

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Depressing: “Borrowers have sold more than $1 trillion in U.S. corporate bonds in 2009, the fastest pace on record”. — Bloomberg

Yet another reason why retail investors shouldn’t buy individual stocks, and certainly shouldn’t play with stop-losses — Reuters

Guardian prevented from reporting parliament for unreportable reasons — Guardian

NYT metro desk cancels magazine, newspaper subscriptions. Says money better spent on freelancers — NYO

Are caps on data usage imminent for AT&T customers? — PCWorld

Justin Fox anticipated Surowiecki’s column with a Friday blog entry on the silly Chamber of Commerce — Time, TNY

Larry Lessig is a co-founder of The Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society — Chronicle

Lawrence Weiner embossed Moleskine notebooks — Walker

Modern book publicity — TNY

Men are more willing than women to replace traditional media with new digital platforms — AdWeek

Does microlending actually fight poverty? — Globe

3,000 words on traders doing cocaine — Bloomberg

If you slash a mag’s rate base and raise its subscription price, do you necessarily hurt its glossiness? — AdAge

Larry Summers, “deceptively agile” tennis player — TNR, Crimson


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