By Felix Salmon
October 12, 2009
TNR, Crimson

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Depressing: “Borrowers have sold more than $1 trillion in U.S. corporate bonds in 2009, the fastest pace on record”. — Bloomberg

Yet another reason why retail investors shouldn’t buy individual stocks, and certainly shouldn’t play with stop-losses — Reuters

Guardian prevented from reporting parliament for unreportable reasons — Guardian

NYT metro desk cancels magazine, newspaper subscriptions. Says money better spent on freelancers — NYO

Are caps on data usage imminent for AT&T customers? — PCWorld

Justin Fox anticipated Surowiecki’s column with a Friday blog entry on the silly Chamber of Commerce — Time, TNY

Larry Lessig is a co-founder of The Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society — Chronicle

Lawrence Weiner embossed Moleskine notebooks — Walker

Modern book publicity — TNY

Men are more willing than women to replace traditional media with new digital platforms — AdWeek

Does microlending actually fight poverty? — Globe

3,000 words on traders doing cocaine — Bloomberg

If you slash a mag’s rate base and raise its subscription price, do you necessarily hurt its glossiness? — AdAge

Larry Summers, “deceptively agile” tennis player — TNR, Crimson

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The corporate bond stuff is amazing. a couple of days ago there was another article about TOPs a grocery chain taking on more debt to pay the owners a dividend.

Posted by shrek | Report as abusive

Maybe something as un-sensitive as this?

In Sept, 2009, the Guardian claimed that Carter-Ruck had recently demanded it to delete published articles relating to the Trafigura toxic oil disaster, saying it was “gravely defamatory” and “untrue” to say that Trafigura’s waste had been dumped cheaply and could have caused deaths and serious injuries. The Guardian claimed that, later, Trafigura agreed to pay compensation to 31,000 west African victims. The Guardian also alleged that other media outlets in Holland and Norway were also threatened with gagging actions.

“Depressing: “Borrowers have sold more than $1 trillion in U.S. corporate bonds in 2009, the fastest pace on record”. ”

Why is the recovery of the corporate bond market depressing?

Posted by dk | Report as abusive

A long position always has a stop-loss order for zero. What else do you need?

Posted by Craig | Report as abusive

Billy, looks like you were right!

Posted by Felix Salmon | Report as abusive

Ja, but in a Chauncey Gardiner sort of way ;)

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