October 13, 2009

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BusinessWeek value goes from $1 billion in 2000 to less than $5 million nine years later — BW

A pie chart about bars! A bar chart about pies! — NYT

“Today’s pornography laws are a trap for unwary teens and criminalize a large fraction of America’s young people” — SSRN

Design awesomeness: Dyson’s blade-free fan — Wired

Lady GaGa plays MoCA! “The output will be flawlessly imperfect” — Style

Did high-frequency trading kill Michael Jackson? — Kid Dynamite

“Greenland is poised to achieve a geopolitical importance it hasn’t had since the invention of Risk.” — Atlantic

A digital-only subscription to The Economist is $19.95/month. Or $126.99 for a year’s subscription to the mag AND online. — Economist


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