October 20, 2009

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Hank Paulson’s call logs. This is the kind of insanity that results when you refuse to use email. — Sorkin

Market Indicators I’d Like to Fluctuate — Colbert

Gasparino’s new book quotes Cayne as saying he gets the best pot in NYC — Dealbreaker

I don’t agree with judging the severity of news errors by whether they “could have moved financial markets” — WRG

Harvard paid $500 million to exit backfired swaps, plus another $425 million over 30-40 years. All Larry’s fault. — Bloomberg

The New York Times Says It Will Cut 100 Newsroom Jobs — NYT

Donald Judd, or Cheap Furniture? — Reverent

Bercovici: Marcus Brauchli “should resign.” — Daily Finance, TNR

Conde Nast would never tell Ruth Reichl Gourmet’s renewal rate?! Wtf? — NYT

“Bikes are the American Indians to the car’s Christopher Columbus” — Slate

David Cay Johnston wonks out on reinventing the estate tax — Tax Analysts

More confusion from Parker on ’05 Bordeaux — Dr Vino

Holt on Nossiter on wine. Makes me want to buy the book! — NYT

Even more things Levitt & Dubner are wrong about — Real Climate

Charles Kenny: “Television, it turns out, is the kudzu of consumer durables.” — FP

YouTube comment or e.e. cummings? — McSweeney’s

Kudos to The Atlantic’s James Bennet, A-List Editor of the Year — AdAge

Wise Quiggin! How Superfreakeconomics killed contrarianism — CT

The story of the 20 year old with the $183,000 FHA Loan. Just 3.5% down and immediately underwater — TBI

Ezra Klein calls Superfreakonomics a “shoddy statistical work that could literally kill somebody” — WaPo

When the dictionary is wrong, and Bill Walsh is right — The Slot

Eye-opening article about the puzzle of lower healthcare costs in Hawaii — NYT

Scott Raab’s article on John Demjanjuk’s Kafka nightmare — Esquire

The NYT’s caption on a photo of Nova Scotia mentions “lusty pirates.” — NYT

Matt Goldstein writes about Galleon’s edge and touches on the outright shameful Moody’s leak — Reuters

More complications to the “fair use” case over the Obama “HOPE” poster. Not smart, Shepard. — NYT

Nomura’s dress code bans “gay colour nail polish,” “suits of lustrous material.” — Times

The Perfect Brief – Mick Jagger’s 1969 letter to Andy Warhol, assigning the cover design of a hits album — Swiss Miss

Sneaky Microsoft plug-in puts Firefox users at risk — Computerworld


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