By Felix Salmon
October 21, 2009
Credit Karma

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Average credit score by email domain. LOVE this chart. — Credit Karma

BusinessWeek editor Steve Adler resigns as Bloomberg takes over magazine. That didn’t take long. — NYP

SEC in thrall to Goldman, hires 29-yr-old for key position — Baseline Scenario

I love it when Bob Herbert gets his righteous anger on. — NYT

“I like Andrew a lot, but I did tell him that I thought he was incredibly stupid and sloppy.” Need I name the source of the quote? — Gawker

The impossibility of finding balanced, ecologically farmed wines in California — NYT

Who will stand up for the millionaires living on their bond coupons? I know! Allan Sloan! — WaPo

“If we think a wine is cheap, it will taste cheap; if we think we are tasting a grand cru, then we will taste one” — Scienceblogs

Konczal demolishes the idiotic Levitt/Dubner/Myhrvold “solution” to global warming — Rortybomb


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Herbert neglects to mention that wealth transfer from the working and middle classes has gone in two directions — up to the rent seekers, and down to the woefully misnamed “underprivileged,” most of whom pay no federal tax at all.

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Many years ago when Bob Herbert was at the Daily News he called Ed Meese “a boil on the buttocks of America.” Still one of my favorite lines of all time.

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“Who will stand up for the millionaires living on their bond coupons? I know! Allan Sloan!”

All too typical of you these days Felix. I’ve got an aunt that got a life insurance payment when my uncle died and the 401k he worked his whole life to build up. She can barely get the bills paid. Maybe she should just lever up and hope for the best huh!

Every time I come here you remind me of why the spans between visits grow and grow. What on earth has gotten into you?

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