October 21, 2009
Credit Karma

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Average credit score by email domain. LOVE this chart. — Credit Karma

BusinessWeek editor Steve Adler resigns as Bloomberg takes over magazine. That didn’t take long. — NYP

SEC in thrall to Goldman, hires 29-yr-old for key position — Baseline Scenario

I love it when Bob Herbert gets his righteous anger on. — NYT

“I like Andrew a lot, but I did tell him that I thought he was incredibly stupid and sloppy.” Need I name the source of the quote? — Gawker

The impossibility of finding balanced, ecologically farmed wines in California — NYT

Who will stand up for the millionaires living on their bond coupons? I know! Allan Sloan! — WaPo

“If we think a wine is cheap, it will taste cheap; if we think we are tasting a grand cru, then we will taste one” — Scienceblogs

Konczal demolishes the idiotic Levitt/Dubner/Myhrvold “solution” to global warming — Rortybomb


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