October 21, 2009
Abnormal Returns

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Stop looking at charts! — Abnormal Returns

Why you should never buy a commodity fund — Reuters

How to feed the world’s hungry: food bonds; forwards; call options; tax credits. Yes, that’s the Milken Institute — MI

Should states subsidize university tuition for out-of-state students? Makes some sense, if they’re bright and will stay in the state after they graduate. — Economist

Does Altucher think that insider trading should be legalized? — HuffPo

Does this mean that the newspaper is The Wall Street Journal Amateur Edition? — WSJ

Venture funding for art! — True Ventures

I discuss Sorkin’s tome — TBM

Good for Tapper. We need more feist in our press corps. — Atlantic Wire

Too Big To Fail, the art show — Sanford


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