Gone fishing

By Felix Salmon
October 22, 2009
Clusterstock and Dealbreaker are now phoning up Charlie Gasparino asking for his reaction to my tweets. It's clearly time for me to go on holiday. So I'm off to Spain, back November 4. If you don't expect any blogging between now and then, you won't be disappointed.

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This is getting a bit surreal: both Clusterstock and Dealbreaker are now phoning up Charlie Gasparino asking for his reaction to my tweets. It’s clearly time for me to go on holiday. So I’m off to Spain, back November 4. If you don’t expect any blogging between now and then, you won’t be disappointed.


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if you are going to madrid you MUST check out Casa Mingo for the best roasted chicken and locally brewed cider in the world.

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Hopefully he’s going anywhere but Madrid.

Posted by phil | Report as abusive

I like how Carney characterized your three tweets as a “review.” Some review, that.

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You are welcome to Spain. Take your time to share with us the splendid health of our system (20% unemployment)and enjoy the public works in Madrid… but also the Marques de Griñon Dominio de Valdepusa 2004 Shiraz, plus the Enate merlot-merlot 2001. In whites, just pick Godello´s.

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Enjoy Spain Felix, I hope you make it to Barcelona (sorry Madrilistas!) it is a wonderful city.

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Buen viaje, Felix. We expect an eccentric Spanish restaurant or wine story when you return…..

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Have fun, Felix!

Well you are what you tweet.

Taxpayers fund Sarkozy’s shower

President Sarkozy reportedly preferred showering at the Elysee Palace EU taxpayers funded a custom-built 276,000 euros (£250,000) shower for French President Nicolas Sarzoky, auditors say – but he never used it.

The shower, in the Grand Palace in Paris, was for his sole use at a Union of the Mediterranean summit held during France’s six-month EU presidency.

But the leader preferred to wash in the Elysee Palace 10 minutes away. The new shower has since been dismantled.

The French European Union presidency was one of the most costly in history.

Details of expenditure have been revealed in figures published by the French national audit office.

Surround sound

The shower at the Grand Palace was custom built for the 5ft 5in (1.6m) president in a listed building and had massage and surround sound radio functions, the UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

The three-day summit during which it was intended to be used cost 16.6m euros to stage in total. Other expenses included £90,000 for a carpet and nearly £300,000 for a conference podium.

The French Court of Accounts put the total cost of the presidency, which ran from July to December 2008, at 171m euros (£154m).

Usually the rotating presidency of the EU costs 70-80m euros. Only Germany has previously spent as much on it as France, the AFP news agency reported.

Its report said France had organised 489 EU events during its presidency, including nine summits, 25 ministerial meetings and 328 seminars and symposiums.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/832942 5.stm

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youdaman felix, go get your Spain on

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Please stay gone for good, you are the worst kind of blogger there is. You should be ashamed of the garbage you drivel out on a daily basis. I wish you the worst possible holiday. STAY GONE!

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You know you’ve made the big time when you get a hate bon voyage comment.