Felix Salmon

Derivatives datapoint of the day, OCC statistics edition

October 6, 2009

Many thanks to Bill, who read my blog entry on derivatives exposure and who is much better at navigating the OCC’s quarterly reports than I am. And it turns out that they’re rather misleading.

Man-cession datapoint of the day

October 6, 2009

Chris Swann reports that, yes, men have suffered 75% of the job losses in this recession. But look at the last recession: they suffered 86% of the job losses in that one. And the recession before that? More than 98% of the job losses. He concludes:

Returns on art

October 6, 2009

Luc Renneboog and Christophe Spaenjers of Tilburg University have done their own analysis of the art market, and conclude:

Imposing a haircut on secured bank creditors

October 6, 2009

Sheila Bair, in Turkey, came out with a provocative and very interesting idea which few people seem to have picked up on: when a bank fails, its secured creditors should be limited to getting only 80% of their money back:

The World Business Forum and journalistic ethics

October 6, 2009

This time last year, I attended the World Business Forum at Radio City. I came away with a slight ringing in my ears and a blog entry entitled “The Parallel Universe of Leadership Events”, in which I attempted to skewer the content-free nature and general mindlessness of such things. My prize was an invite to come back this year, as part of their “Bloggers Hub“, so I could repeat the whole experience. I’m not there now, but I might pop along once or twice: it’ll be interesting to see how Paul Krugman, for one, approaches such a crowd.

The problem with bond ETFs

October 6, 2009

The WSJ’s Eleanor Laise finds that the market in bond ETFs is rather messy, to say the least:


October 6, 2009

Clay Risen says Goldman Sachs will never be able to get to grips with the realities of the blogosphere — Faster Times

Overdraft fee datapoints of the day

October 6, 2009

The Center for Responsible Lending has a new report on overdraft fees, which has some startling numbers on the degree to which these things have increased in recent years:

The benefits of too big to fail

October 5, 2009

Ryan Chittum applauds Gretchen Morgenson and Dean Baker for trying to calculate what they all refer to as the “costs” of having a too-big-to-fail “policy”. But I don’t like this lens at all.