By Felix Salmon
November 4, 2009

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(With apologies for the excess Ben Stein quotient)

Konczal has a great quote from Elizabeth Warren’s personal-finance book. Yes you can spend more on the small things! — Rortybomb

Welcome to the Ben Stein Watch club, Paul! — Krugman

The W Union Square is in “imminent default” on its $115m loan. — ZH

Skype lawsuit was “primarily tactical”, aimed at getting stake & board seats — NYT

Autumn Trends in the Pirate War — Miller-McCune

Defending the squid. I, too, was very, very underwhelmed by the McClatchy story and its bensteinery. — Free Exchange

No one headlines a story like these guys — Bloomberg

Apple makes more EBIT from mobile phones than Nokia — Ultimi Barbarorum

One in five people invited to the White House have surnames beginning with “S”. Hey, where’s my invite? — Kedrosky

Thanks Ron Lieber for taking aim at the not-free credit-score companies. But sad you didn’t mention Ben Stein — NYT

S&P Puts AAA-Rated Berkshire On Watch For Downgrade — WSJ

Cohan on Summers. Nothing we haven’t read before. And it’s a real stretch to say that Iris Mack “was proved correct”. — VF

Steinberger hates the Nossiter book. Another reason I think I’ll love it. — Slate

Is the pro-anonymity (and friend of Equity Private) Shaen Bernhardt-von Bernhardi a key member of the Zero Hedge crew? — Washington Times

Carly Fiorina: Why I’m running for Senate — OC Register

Jay Batlle on the etiquette of the studio visit — Paper Monument

Stop whatever it is you’re doing, and check out The Alexander Hamilton Mixtape — YouTube


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Re: spending more on the little things.

Shock horror; some moron yanks spend too much on a new car.

How anyone close to zero cashflow (income = fixed costs) can justify >$500 a month on a car is beyond me.

If the credit crunch teaches the developed world one thing, I hope it is that you don’t need a new car every 3 years.
Long may 10.5m SAAR continue…

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In the matter of Alexander Hamilton hip-hop: Bathetic, just bathetic.