November 6, 2009
American Banker

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Artful in the extreme: Dave Eggers publishing house does a newspaper — McSweeney’s

Cracking down on would-be pretzel monopolists — WSJ

The right way to eat sushi. Don’t dip it rice-side-down into the soy sauce! — Snippets

Tkacik on Gladwell. Warning: 7,719 words! — The Nation

Want to kill bankers? There’s an app for that — American Banker

The curveball illusion — Illusion Contest

Japanese bike-parking technology — Guardian

Pandit didn’t work at Citi. Thain didn’t work at Merrill. Corzine wouldn’t work at BofA — The Deal

Jon Chait fact-checks error-riddled WSJ op-ed piece. Don’t hold your breath waiting for correction — TNR

“Mono-urbanity is so 20th century.” — Hyperallergic

Is BlackBerry the new AOL? If it can’t beef up its web browser sharpish, then yes — WSJ

Even if you’re paying the WSJ $600 a year, you still can’t get stories more than 2 years old. Yikes. — Newsbreaks

Block-by-block election results in NYC — NYT

Performance reviews actually damage the receiver’s performance, by underlining the alpha status of the giver — Reuters

Fortune to cut 30% of its editorial staff. And, one hopes, Ben Stein — NYP

Might BofA move its HQ to NYC? Makes sense to me, it has the city’s second-tallest building — Crain’s


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