November 7, 2009

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“The Volkswagen Beetle did far more damage to the environment than the Hummer ever did, or will” — TBM

Wherein Brad DeLong changes his mind on the intelligence and ability of Alan Greenspan — BDL

Wherein Brad DeLong changes his mind on what happens to productivity in recessions — BDL

Awkward Metaphor of the Day goes to Jim Cramer “Bears Run Out of Ammo” — TSC

The unemployed face the same odds of getting a job as an applicant faces getting into Harvard — CNN

How not to deliver bad news to Wall Street — Matthews

“The Galleon gang is doing little justice to the term ‘white collar’ crime. Specifically, the collar part.” — NYM

Sorry, Kyle, you were second choice: Kushner wanted Sorkin for Observer job — NYM

Life among the business journalism watchdogs: Dean Starkman, CJR, thinks CAGW’s “obscure” — Stoll

7-11’s own-brand Yosemite Road wine is $3.99/bottle — Dallas Observer

Do you believe in IMF forecasts? If so, you’re a turkey! — Taleb/Huffpo

Mega-hedgie Julian Robertson has never checked his voicemail, ever — NYM

Banksy fever reaches Kurdistan — Meyer


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