By Felix Salmon
November 7, 2009

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“The Volkswagen Beetle did far more damage to the environment than the Hummer ever did, or will” — TBM

Wherein Brad DeLong changes his mind on the intelligence and ability of Alan Greenspan — BDL

Wherein Brad DeLong changes his mind on what happens to productivity in recessions — BDL

Awkward Metaphor of the Day goes to Jim Cramer “Bears Run Out of Ammo” — TSC

The unemployed face the same odds of getting a job as an applicant faces getting into Harvard — CNN

How not to deliver bad news to Wall Street — Matthews

“The Galleon gang is doing little justice to the term ‘white collar’ crime. Specifically, the collar part.” — NYM

Sorry, Kyle, you were second choice: Kushner wanted Sorkin for Observer job — NYM

Life among the business journalism watchdogs: Dean Starkman, CJR, thinks CAGW’s “obscure” — Stoll

7-11′s own-brand Yosemite Road wine is $3.99/bottle — Dallas Observer

Do you believe in IMF forecasts? If so, you’re a turkey! — Taleb/Huffpo

Mega-hedgie Julian Robertson has never checked his voicemail, ever — NYM

Banksy fever reaches Kurdistan — Meyer


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Isn’t your TSC link behind a pay wall?

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The VW thing is stupid, obvious, and of course misleading. The evil of the hummer was that it conspicuously consumed beyond utility. The VW, even as it was deployed in those millions, did aspire to efficiency in each and every one.

IF, yes, many apologies. That was a retweet, I didn’t feel the need to read the original source. But it’s not a good thing to put in a link round-up, you’re right.

Posted by Felix Salmon | Report as abusive

Ferdinand Porsche and Adolf Hiller (sic) designed the VW, I wonder who designed the Hummer ?

odograph, you are correct, another example of providing free (delayed) content, then again, ‘free’ is the most powerful word in advertising, so let’s keep advertising, it is free and eventually pays dividends.

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