November 9, 2009

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Sky News is using YouTube to host their entire “News Corp will block Google” interview with Murdoch — YouTube

Rick Bookstaber has taken a job at the SEC! This must be good news. Until he gets frustrated and quits. — Bookstaber

Charlie Brooker writes the greatest ever Mac vs Windows column — SMH

90% of people who make economic policy fall into demographic groups where unemployment is comfortably below 5% — Economist

When it comes to supporting same-sex equality, 30somethings look more like 50somethings than 20somethings — Yglesias

Ezra Klein on Nancy Pelosi’s prescience — WaPo

Tim O’Brien worried about Andrew Ross Sorkin hurting the NYT’s “credibility” even as he was publishing Ben Stein — NYM

“Animal Art Fair” to debut in London with “a focus on new talent” — Event

Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad — BoingBoing

The 101st thing a waiter should never do: Try to make off with a half-full bottle of great wine — PEHub

Is Rupert trying to get Bing to pay him for exclusive access to his websites? — BoingBoing

Hershey owns rights to the Cadbury name in the US. Could that hobble Kraft’s expansion plans? — Guardian

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Betsy Kolbert? — TNY

Fun with Google Suggest — Slate

“Borrowers who exhibited lower comprehension and less suspicion were more likely to have adjustable-rate mortgages” — SSRN

How an economic crisis is like a stalling aircraft (and employment is like altitude) — Fallows

Thermodynamics shows US chief executives are paid nearly 130 times too much — Justatheory

The Great Australian Internet Race. Carrier pigeon vs automobile vs ADSL. Who will win? — YouTube

Wherein Barry Ritholtz calls Rolfe Winkler “a thinking man’s Felix Salmon” — Ritholtz


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