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I tried to comment.
It said “Comment Pending Approval”.
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Can’t imagine why.

By: Uncle Billy Cunctator Tue, 10 Nov 2009 09:14:52 +0000 ‘One’ has the feeling that one would rather spend their golden years rocking and talking with Salmon readers than with BR readers. He left a snippy comment on one of your posts a few weeks ago, and unless this is just a manufactured tiff to promote Rolfe Winkler, then he’s got really thin skin.

He does bring us back to the whole deutscheland theme though…

Rolfe Winkler…

Let’s examine the cv: ( er-cfa/8/1b3/379)

Before his six months at Reuters, he was at Fotolog, the Photobucket of Latin America. Fotolog’s major investors were/are BV Capital and 3i.

BV Capital is run by a bunch of people with German names:

The founder, Jan, ran joint ventures between AOL and Berelsmann — mostly the AOL Europe business. enric-buettner

Bertelsmann goes back to the 19th century, and was owned during the Nazi era by the Mohr family, which still controls it through its stiftung.

“Bertelsmann is not publicly listed, and is majority owned (76.9%) by the Bertelsmann Foundation, a non-profit organisation and political think tank set up by the founding family Mohn.[2] The remaining 23.1% is owned by the Mohn Family. Albert Frère, a Belgian industrialist, owned 25% of Bertelsmann until 2006.”

“By 1939 the publishing house employed 401 people. During World War II, Bertelsmann was the biggest single producer of Nazi propaganda. Owner Heinrich Mohn and his son Reinhard Mohn were both members of the SS.”

“In 1993, Reinhard Mohn as owner of Bertelsmann moved 68.8% of his Bertelsmann AG stock over to the Bertelsmann Foundation. As of 2006, the Mohn family still owns 74.9 of Bertelsman’s capital, in addition of the Bertelsmann foundation.”

“In 2002 Bertelsmann admitted that they lied about their involvement with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, which included making profits from slave labour and publishing propaganda. The revelations came to light during their takeover of US book publisher Random House in 1998; Bertelsmann used a revised account of their Nazi past to smooth the deal.”

Looks like they still might be in the propaganda business (who is more influential, them or Reuters?) ets_owned_by_Bertelsmann

Ok, moving on. 3i: British-German connection here:

“Scandlines: on June 19 2007, Deutsche Bahn AG and the Danish transport ministry announced the sale of Scandlines for 1,560 million Euros to a consortium consisting of 3i, Allianz Capital Partners and Deutsche Seereederei (DSR) Rostock. DSR will hold 20%, 3i and Allianz both 40%”

Allianz… remember that Pimco is a unit of Allianz.

3i is chaired by: gg

Before BV Capital, Winkler was at Matador Capital, founded by a Jeff Berg. If it’s the same Jeff Berg, he’s also the CoB of and “pilots an Aero Commander throughout the Caribbean, Central America and Baja in support of the company’s quality control programs.” Central America… Fotolog is big in central america. Connection? ex.cfm

According to this, Matador Capital played with some Calpers money:

“Matador Capital, whose clients include Calpers, the massive pension plan for California state employees.”

…and invested, among other things, in a waste management company:

“Indeed, Rapuano and Matador are simpatico on several stocks: Some of the firm’s bigger bets, such as career-education company DeVry(DV Quote) and waste-management firm Republic Services(RSG Quote), turn up in Rapuano’s fund.”

The Yale educated (is she a spook?) Lisa O’Dell Rapuano subsequently founded Lane 5 capital management of Washington D.C. (more precisely, Towson, MD).  /4/7b1/4a6

Ok, so, back again to Rolfe. He contributed items to Naked Capitalism and to RGE Monitor, so it looks like he’s locked firmly into this tight little self-referential econ blog world. (Is Susan Weber aka YS also from the old german world? The surname Weber certainly originates in Germany or vicinity… Is it just coincidence that Soros used to be married to a Susan Weber and that one of them used to get the other’s mail by mistake at Goldman? Is it a coincidence that Roubini parties with the Soros boys?)

Finally, Krugman is mystified by the “Nazi” -slinging that is going around, and wonders what ever happened to “commies”  /09/what-ever-happened-to-commie/

With the Stalin worship happening in Putin-land currently, it’s easy to see understand that fears are not focused on “true communism” but rather on totalitarianism and fascism, which disguises itself as socialism and communism at first. Stalin was a “communist” and Hitler was a “National Socialst, Nazi” right? And the Fabians original logo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

…or someting like that.

Keywords: Nazi, Catholic, British, Italian, Reptilians, Waste Management, Soros

Open question: Did Soros take the name ‘Soros’ because it’s means “troubles” in Yiddish? Did he assume it himself, or was it given him by someone else?

By: Grrrr... Tue, 10 Nov 2009 07:32:09 +0000 Andrew Ross Sorkin of Dealbook is Judith Miller’s love child.

God help us if this fool gets any bigger a “brand” to act as a mouthpiece for corporate elites. 1999 was so 10 years ago…

By: dave.s. Tue, 10 Nov 2009 03:10:31 +0000 Yah, well, my view is that Felix Salmon is a thinking man’s Felix Salmon, thank you. dave.s.

By: odograph Mon, 09 Nov 2009 23:53:04 +0000 I read that as “how an economic crisis is like stealing an aircraft” .. maybe a good starting point for somebody.