November 12, 2009

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Warhol’s ‘200 One Dollar Bills’ Fetches $43.8 Million — Bloomberg

The editor’s revenge — Torontoist

“Thain let out a gutteral animal howl. Half-rising from his chair, he lunged toward Pandit. “BRAINS!” he moaned.” — NYM

Resignation video from Lou Dobbs — YouTube

Zagat takes 24 months to update its DC guide — WCP

Helmeted NFL players are about 25% more likely to sustain head injuries than unhelmeted Aussie-rules players — WSJ

$1.5 Million In Blatant Insider Trading Profit Following 3Com Acquisition — ZH

Conde Nast lost 8,359 ad pages in 2009. That’s a good $1B in revenues right there — NYT

CBO chief Elmendorf sums up deficit dilemma in a single sentence — WSJ

Learn about syllepsis, then refuse to stop employing it — Stickley

Rock supergroup, or Jubilee 2000 campaign? — Wikipedia

If you’ve been looking for a 4,800-word article on parking in Miami, here’s a great one — MNT  

“Feeding primary school kids less fat, sugar and salt, and more fruit and vegetables, has a surprisingly large effect” — FT

Treasury Dept. charging $522,886 for a single FOIA request — Wired

The incestuous New Museum — NYT

Learning About Outsourcing Via Craigslist — Mediabistro

Why is the Washington Times installing armed guards on the floor where management works? — TPM

A huge incentive to fire now: Bloomberg’s not responsible for paying severance to laid off BusinessWeek staff — TBI

America’s best-performing cities for job creation — Milken

The idiolects of lego — TMN

The art of comment-trolling — Doghouse


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