November 18, 2009

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Hipsters discussing Cyclocross — Xtra Normal

Get an email per week from Maria Bartiromo for only $300! — Investor Place

Conversion Closing Rap — YouTube

Baumkuchen is my favorite cake ever! So it’s sad the article on it isn’t online. But the summary is great — TNY

NFL stadium sells for less than the cost of a Manhattan 1BR — Bloomberg

Brooklyn Chef Goes Ballistic, Throws Live Lobster on Patrons — Eater

Who sold credit protection on AIG to Goldman Sachs? They’re a huge and unknown beneficiary of the bailout — NYT

Is there anything Marc Faber won’t say to get more media attention? — JRE

How do senators place a hold on a nominee? By sending a press release to the NYT! — Newsweek

Qaddafi and the Italian models — NYT

Josh Tyrangiel to BusinessWeek: another sign that Bloomberg’s determined to go mainstream — BW

The Paul Wilmott magic show has disappeared! Or never appeared in the first place! — Wilmott

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