November 19, 2009

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Everything you ever wanted to know about delta-hedging and options vs cash equities strategies — TITGR

Thomas Kinkade Cannibalized — 2CoP, Flickr

New York Times is ditching Times Extra — PC, FS

The Kanjorski amendment: Sanati has a Q&A with the man himself — NYT

Microcredit might not raise incomes, but it’s still a good idea — CGAP

Can I now outsource to Alphaville the job of calling the PE firms for comment? — FT

“I attend Sotheby’s tastings to remind myself that there is no shortage of multi-hundred-dollar wines I don’t like” — Atlantic

Bankruptcy nerdcore — Credit Slips

Best New NY Buildings of the Decade — Curbed

Peak rock music! — Ritholtz

Whisky company drills in Antarctica for Shakleton’s Scotch — HuffPo

Congratulations to Adam Pasick, who’s moving to DC to work for the Atlantic. Sadly that means he’s leaving — MB

How to monetize the prestige of the NYT: Turn it into a million-dollar book deal! NYT itself, of course, gets $0 — NYO

Joe Biden Needs a Bicycle — Cityfile

BusinessWeek Under Bloomberg: About 100 Staff To Be Laid Off — PC

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