November 20, 2009

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A classic 2002 Calvin Trillin piece on wine tasting — TNY

How TV works — YT

HFT “is happening because it’s just more cost effective to employ one programmer over dozens of expensive traders” — FT

Elizabeth Warren earns a six-figure salary from COP on top of what Harvard pays her — Bloomberg

Gotta love those ombudspeople. 800 words on whether it’s “Rahm” or “Mr Emanuel” — NPR

BusinessWeek staffer: Bloomberg “seems to be getting rid of voice” with columnist axings — NYT

Annals of famous Belgians: Hilarious Herman Van Rompuy profile — BBC

ACORN conspiracy theory datapoint of the day — TPM

I want a dedicated RSS feed for Heather Horn’s “Screed” columns — Atlantic Wire

Texas Accidentally Bans Straight Marriage — Newser

The Daily Mail news headline randomizer — Qwghlm

Cats for Gold

The semiotics of death penalty attire — WaPo

Simon Johnson’s testimony on TARP — Baseline Scenario

‘Too Big to Fail’ now $13.50, below cost — Amazon

Not generally a fan of listicles, but I like these Weird Error Messages — ZDnet

Jonathan Ford and Peter Thal Larsen on how to shrink the banks — Prospect

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