By Felix Salmon
November 20, 2009

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Bad stock art

Vivendi, GE agree to interim payment on NBCU stake — Reuters

I’m now “the dark prince of the financial blogosphere”! — NYM

They Might Be Giants: “Meet the Elements”: Make your kid love chemistry! — YouTube

Signs the world is coming to an end: John Baldessari’s Catalog Raisonne launch party took place at the Fendi store — HuffPo

Sarah Palin angers her base — Rumproast

Ken Lewis’ replacement could be… Ken Lewis — Alacra

The secret behind Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile — Telegraph

How ingrained is corruption in Albany? Even Joe Bruno’s personal secretary was stealing from Joe Bruno! — NYT

A huge infographic on the front page of the The Daily Herald in Everett, WA — Visual editors

The Paradou deathwatch begins, and I hope its owner loses a fortune — Gawker

Easterly hangs out with TESFA, a successful locally-owned tourism initiative in Ethiopia — Aid Watch

College students arrested for not paying tip — Philly

Vice magazine has audited Ebitda — FT


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“The menu clearly states, ’18 percent gratuity added to check of parties of 6 of more,’ and a similar message is printed on receipts, a pub employee said this morning.”

Sounds like they didn’t pay their bill, whether or not you agree with the policy.

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Webster’s dictionary (my 1981 version) defines “gratuity” as “something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usu. in return for or in anticipation of some service; esp:TIP”

so the restaurant may add it, but that does not mean that it is an agreed charge. It is still voluntary. If the restaurant wants to make it compulsory, surely they need to make this clear eg by saying something like “Compulsory surcharge of 18% added to check of parties of 6 of more in lieu of gratuity”.

Getting your data back: You can buy an external drive enclosure for about $25-$35 buck. Just pull the hard drive out of the old mac, pop it into the enclosure, and then plug it in as an external drive. Voila… saved yourself a $1,600 data recovery fee.

The gratuity needs to be paid, whether they like the service or not – it’s unfortunate – but necesarry.

the rumproast link is not working. Did they take it down?

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

No, Bob, it was my bad. Fixed.

Posted by Felix Salmon | Report as abusive