November 20, 2009

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Bad stock art

Vivendi, GE agree to interim payment on NBCU stake — Reuters

I’m now “the dark prince of the financial blogosphere”! — NYM

They Might Be Giants: “Meet the Elements”: Make your kid love chemistry! — YouTube

Signs the world is coming to an end: John Baldessari’s Catalog Raisonne launch party took place at the Fendi store — HuffPo

Sarah Palin angers her base — Rumproast

Ken Lewis’ replacement could be… Ken Lewis — Alacra

The secret behind Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile — Telegraph

How ingrained is corruption in Albany? Even Joe Bruno’s personal secretary was stealing from Joe Bruno! — NYT

A huge infographic on the front page of the The Daily Herald in Everett, WA — Visual editors

The Paradou deathwatch begins, and I hope its owner loses a fortune — Gawker

Easterly hangs out with TESFA, a successful locally-owned tourism initiative in Ethiopia — Aid Watch

College students arrested for not paying tip — Philly

Vice magazine has audited Ebitda — FT


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