November 24, 2009
Index Universe

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Remembering collateral costs in synthetic ETFs — Index Universe

Daily Intel commenter says the only cure for Goldman’s PR troubles is PUPPIES FOR EVERYONE — NYM

Man puts $25k downpayment on a “Warhol” dated 1996 (he died in 1987) featuring “Matthew Baldwin” (who doesn’t exist) — SLT

Guy invites 700 FB “friends” to meet up; 60 RSVPs as “maybes” & 15 “attending.” One actually showed up — NYT

Newtongate: the final nail in the coffin of Renaissance and Enlightenment ‘thinking’ — Carbon Fixated

Sinoscience chartporn — Kedrosky

AOL’s New Image: Animated Edition — Paid Content

Just another day in the sleaze of the art world — AFC

Dick Fuld made $541 million in cash from bonuses and stock sales, never mind the stock he owned at the end — NYT

Flags by color proportion — Shahee Ilyas

Where can you find a coveted bottle of 1997 Champagne Salon? In first class on Japan Air Lines — USAT

Empty LA


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