By Felix Salmon
November 24, 2009
Index Universe

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Remembering collateral costs in synthetic ETFs — Index Universe

Daily Intel commenter says the only cure for Goldman’s PR troubles is PUPPIES FOR EVERYONE — NYM

Man puts $25k downpayment on a “Warhol” dated 1996 (he died in 1987) featuring “Matthew Baldwin” (who doesn’t exist) — SLT

Guy invites 700 FB “friends” to meet up; 60 RSVPs as “maybes” & 15 “attending.” One actually showed up — NYT

Newtongate: the final nail in the coffin of Renaissance and Enlightenment ‘thinking’ — Carbon Fixated

Sinoscience chartporn — Kedrosky

AOL’s New Image: Animated Edition — Paid Content

Just another day in the sleaze of the art world — AFC

Dick Fuld made $541 million in cash from bonuses and stock sales, never mind the stock he owned at the end — NYT

Flags by color proportion — Shahee Ilyas

Where can you find a coveted bottle of 1997 Champagne Salon? In first class on Japan Air Lines — USAT

Empty LA


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At least one person agrees with me about QE: William Gross! rket+Commentary/IO/2009/Dec+Gross+Anythi ng+but+01.htm

“The Fed is trying to reflate the U.S. economy. The process of reflation involves lowering short-term rates to such a painful level that investors are forced or enticed to term out their short-term cash into higher-risk bonds or stocks. Once your cash has recapitalized and revitalized corporate America and homeowners, well, then the Fed will start to be concerned about inflation – not until.”

Next time, please don’t abbreviate so much. I really had to think what FB stood for (football? a cruder version of friends with benefits?). It’s way too early in the day to picture some of those.

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A 1997 Salon? Did they would not have been my pullquote. Yes, Salon is always expensive and always good, but next to the 1995 and 1996, the 1997 is small beer at best.

Now if JAL were serving a bottomless 1996 Krug, I’d book that flight to Tokyo right now..