November 25, 2009

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Charles Diez Gets 120 Days for Shooting Cyclist in the Head — Streetsblog

Sponsor a 9/11 cobblestone! — 9/11 Memorial

Ben Davis on the “sense of coagulating ignorance surrounding the art world” — Artnet

Lacayo kills his blog. Silly, why not just reduce the frequency? — Time

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody — YouTube

The next time someone argues that transit is overly subsidized and roads “pay for themselves,” show them this — Streetsblog

FDIC fund falls into red — Reuters

Wondering what Google will look like after News Corp pulls out? — Gawker

Cartoonist, who calls herself an “information radical,” documents how she made $55,000 giving away her work — WSJ

Classic book review — Amazon

A safety improvement for cars can be dangerous for cyclists — Streetsblog

Anthony d’Offay was behind winning $4-mil bid for Bruce Nauman neon “Violins, Violence, Silence” — Lindsay Pollock

Brownstein on healthcare has been declared “mandatory reading” by Obama — Atlantic, Politico

Is it plausible that the grandfather of cool, corporate Helvetica was a kind of ironic, high-lowbrow Cubist straddle? — Crooked Timber


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