November 25, 2009
Across the Curve

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Why You Should Support The Lynch Amendment: Don’t let banks own more than 20% of derivatives exchanges! — Rortybomb

A very sad day for the financial blogosphere: the invaluable John Jansen is giving up his blog to move to the sell side — Across the Curve

Hedge fund prospectus says its “Directors will not receive, open, or deal directly with mail addressed to the Fund” — Risk Without Reward

Don’t forget! $50 feeds 8 tomorrow — Robin Hood

The real connection between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sarah Palin — Sorensen

Debunking the paradox of choice — FT

Pareene unloads on Lou Dobbs. Totally deserved — Gawker

The behavioral economics of Thanksgiving — Bloggingheads

Claims of Thanksgiving Excess Fueled by Feast of Fuzzy Data — WSJ

Greatest Fox News pie chart ever — Fox


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