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Two weeks until Latin America’s first gay marriage! — Inca Kola

49 million Americans lack dependable access to adequate food, the largest number ever — Alea

Are Obama’s policies working?

The iq2us website is rather horrible, all flash-based and white-on-black and lacking permalinks, but tonight’s debate was well worth attending all the same. The motion was “Obama’s economic policies are working effectively”, and the interesting thing about it was that it wasn’t a left vs right thing at all.

A Broad retreat

Last year, I applauded Eli Broad for not donating his art to Lacma, and instead keeping it in his own foundation, whence it could and would be lent out around the world. I even suggested that it might make more sense to donate art to the Broad Foundation than to a museum:

Reasons not to tax interest payments

Philosophically speaking, why don’t we tax corporate interest payments? (Practically speaking, the answer is that it’s politically impossible.) So far, the answers have fallen into three broad categories.

Can ETCs replicate the carry trade?

Now I’m confused. Back on November 6, the FT’s Denise Law ran an article about a set of new currency ETCs which are going to be listed on the London stock exchange — think ETFs, but for foreign exchange. She quoted Nik Bienkowski, the chief operating officer at ETF Securities, which has created these instruments:

It’s a large world after all

Ultimi Barbarorum’s little-known other author, “Bento”, has a great blog entry up about the iPhone in China. Bento lives in Shanghai, and explains very simply why official Chinese iPhone sales are low: official Chinese iPhones are artificially crippled, thanks to a law banning phones with wifi capability. So the tech-savvy Chinese simply buy unlocked (and cheaper) iPhones from Hong Kong instead, which don’t show up in the official sales numbers.

How can the government reduce unemployment?

Nouriel Roubini says the federal government has to be much more aggressive on the unemployment front:

What are the arguments for privileging debt?

Three cheers to Jim Surowiecki for unambiguously adding his voice to those who would abolish the tax-deductibility of interest payments:


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Fox Business is in 50m households, Bloomberg TV in 60m. Neither can crack 35,000 viewers per show — VF