By Felix Salmon
December 1, 2009
Harry Hat, Kurtis Ward, Investimonials

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Beware sleazy broker David B. Lerner and anything he sells, especially if it’s called “Apple REIT” — Harry Hat, Kurtis Ward, Investimonials

G.E. and Vivendi Agree on Value of NBC Universal — NYT

Nassim Taleb announces he will “withdraw as immediately as possible into the Platonic quiet” — HuffPo

How does the NYPD allow a guy whose license was suspended 29 times to continue to drive? — Streetsblog

The Warwick Commission Report is out, if you want more recommendations for fixing global finance — Warwick

There are more iPhones/Touches now than Netscape users at peak — Kedrosky

How did “Too Large to Fail” (as opposed to “Too Big to Fail”) become a top phrase of 2009? — Language Monitor

Lloyds’ CoCo bonds are underestimating the additional risk forced on investors by the exchange offer — Crookery

“In a single day the Colorado River used to carry away 380,000 tons or more of silt” — NYT

Putting the monkeys-and-typewriters hypothesis to the test — Barking

Credit spreads on systemically-important financial institutions — Scribd

The Palin family’s atrocious Scrabble strategy — MR

Gawker bloggers become actual employees: They’re being given the choice between 5 days/week at current pay plus benefits, or 4 days/week on the same pay as freelancers with no benefits. — Awl

Taking care of vets, finding peace in veggies — NYT

Man vs Toddler. Who will win? — YouTube

My first Danish podcast! — Kommunikationscast

Nakheel: Pointless marble overlaid on redundant bricks piled on unnecessary concrete poured on overvalued land — Buiter

El-Erian: “The Dubai situation is no different than that facing commercial real estate in the US and UK” — Telegraph

Friday at Wal-Mart: People yelling and screaming, pounding on the doors, & trying to sneak in through Lawn & Garden — LAT

World’s strongest beer: Scottish brew has 32% alcohol — and a fantastic name, Tactical Nuclear Penguin — Asylum

Paul Felix Armand-Delille, the man who killed rabbits. Millions of them — Wikipedia

Track the WSJ’s changes! — Kedrosky

Does vegetarianism do more harm to animals than eating meat? — Mark


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As much as I hated working for David Lerner, I have to somewhat defend the Apple Program.1. Yes it is a huge upfront fee but it does pay 8% yearly and all the Apple programs have paid between 7-8% starting in ’98 or so.2.The properties are purchased for all cash, so the safety is greater then other private REIT programs.3. That is the only thing they make money on the only other product they really push is muni bonds ( it will be their downfall considering what state rev, will look like in a few years.

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Does vegetarianism do more harm to animals than eating meat?More than hunting deer or buffalo on the prairie, sure. But since his argument is that “growing grain kills animals’ ecosystems,” growing grain and then feeding it to cows is not going to do any less harm than eating it yourself.

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