December 1, 2009
Harry Hat, Kurtis Ward, Investimonials

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Beware sleazy broker David B. Lerner and anything he sells, especially if it’s called “Apple REIT” — Harry Hat, Kurtis Ward, Investimonials

G.E. and Vivendi Agree on Value of NBC Universal — NYT

Nassim Taleb announces he will “withdraw as immediately as possible into the Platonic quiet” — HuffPo

How does the NYPD allow a guy whose license was suspended 29 times to continue to drive? — Streetsblog

The Warwick Commission Report is out, if you want more recommendations for fixing global finance — Warwick

There are more iPhones/Touches now than Netscape users at peak — Kedrosky

How did “Too Large to Fail” (as opposed to “Too Big to Fail”) become a top phrase of 2009? — Language Monitor

Lloyds’ CoCo bonds are underestimating the additional risk forced on investors by the exchange offer — Crookery

“In a single day the Colorado River used to carry away 380,000 tons or more of silt” — NYT

Putting the monkeys-and-typewriters hypothesis to the test — Barking

Credit spreads on systemically-important financial institutions — Scribd

The Palin family’s atrocious Scrabble strategy — MR

Gawker bloggers become actual employees: They’re being given the choice between 5 days/week at current pay plus benefits, or 4 days/week on the same pay as freelancers with no benefits. — Awl

Taking care of vets, finding peace in veggies — NYT

Man vs Toddler. Who will win? — YouTube

My first Danish podcast! — Kommunikationscast

Nakheel: Pointless marble overlaid on redundant bricks piled on unnecessary concrete poured on overvalued land — Buiter

El-Erian: “The Dubai situation is no different than that facing commercial real estate in the US and UK” — Telegraph

Friday at Wal-Mart: People yelling and screaming, pounding on the doors, & trying to sneak in through Lawn & Garden — LAT

World’s strongest beer: Scottish brew has 32% alcohol — and a fantastic name, Tactical Nuclear Penguin — Asylum

Paul Felix Armand-Delille, the man who killed rabbits. Millions of them — Wikipedia

Track the WSJ’s changes! — Kedrosky

Does vegetarianism do more harm to animals than eating meat? — Mark


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