December 2, 2009

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Stephen Fry, debater extraordinaire — YouTube, 2

Gladwell responds to Pinker’s response to Gladwell’s response to Pinker’s response to Gladwell — Gladwell

Why SPY will always be more liquid than IVV, despite IVV being the better ETF — IU

AOL expects a 4,000-word feature on MBSs to be packed into 300-500 words — TBI

“I called Lucas van Praag to ask whether Goldman partners need handguns to protect themselves from the angry proletariat” — Bloomberg

When investment bankers write deranged/entitled letters to their kids’ schools in their spare time — Dealbreaker

Time Warner’s 50Mbps Wideband is $100/mo. Is that the cable bill Britt wants me to pay? — TWC, Reuters

SF offers free “organic” fertilizer to residents. Why public health advocates think it stinks — Atlantic

Met with opacity, the Guardian decides to crowdsource “the mystery of Tony Blair’s finances” — Guardian


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