By Felix Salmon
December 2, 2009

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Stephen Fry, debater extraordinaire — YouTube, 2

Gladwell responds to Pinker’s response to Gladwell’s response to Pinker’s response to Gladwell — Gladwell

Why SPY will always be more liquid than IVV, despite IVV being the better ETF — IU

AOL expects a 4,000-word feature on MBSs to be packed into 300-500 words — TBI

“I called Lucas van Praag to ask whether Goldman partners need handguns to protect themselves from the angry proletariat” — Bloomberg

When investment bankers write deranged/entitled letters to their kids’ schools in their spare time — Dealbreaker

Time Warner’s 50Mbps Wideband is $100/mo. Is that the cable bill Britt wants me to pay? — TWC, Reuters

SF offers free “organic” fertilizer to residents. Why public health advocates think it stinks — Atlantic

Met with opacity, the Guardian decides to crowdsource “the mystery of Tony Blair’s finances” — Guardian


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If that letter is what passes for the thought process/writing ability for the head of Barclays global investment banking, the whole “wall street has to pay vast sums to retain talent” argument has just fallen out the window.

Posted by clayton | Report as abusive

What happened to the back-of-envelope chat with the headmaster and the board of directors? This is ridiculous. When you want something done at a prep school, you don’t go public with it. You donate the prospect of a donation of the heads of the administration, and make them do it themselves. By going public you area guaranteeing that what you want will not get done.Does he not know how the game is played?

Posted by Myles SG | Report as abusive

And some city preps do have some quite serious problems with sub-par left-wing teachers, sad but true. The man, however, has just made the problem worse and entrenched the bad teacher.Jesus he’s an idiot.

Posted by Myles SG | Report as abusive

Trust me, he’s no worse than the helicopter parents at the public schools. The thing that struck me was that he was objecting to a ban on cross-dressing while also complaining about lesbian and liberal teachers; the standards, such as they are, seem to begin and end with “what I want.”Stephen Fry was great, by the way. Comedians tend to be scary smart, articulate, and quick with their wits, which transfers well to debate, commentary, and even politics.

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

Why does Gladwell have to resort to playing the race card? I always thought him a better man than that.