The Roubini rebrand

December 2, 2009

I’ve always had a soft spot for the original logo, dataing back to when Roubini Global Economics first launched at in April 2005:


Soon, however, it turned blue, although the monitor lizard remained:


And then it got even more gussied up:


Now, the lizard’s gone entirely, and the RGE Monitor name seems to be on the outs too. The brand is just Roubini Global Economics, at


It even has a shadowy version:


The good news is that the silly little ™ sign seems to have disappeared. In any case, I guess that all talk about separating the RGE brand from Nouriel Roubini himself has gone by the wayside, and that they’re happy that Paul Krugman is referring to RGE strategist Arnab Das as “the Roubini people”. It’s Nouriel’s global economy, everybody else is just people.

Update: tentakles suggests that the new logo should have been a monitor lizard ripping the flesh from a vampire squid. File under “missed opportunities”, I guess.


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