The Roubini rebrand

By Felix Salmon
December 2, 2009

I’ve always had a soft spot for the original logo, dataing back to when Roubini Global Economics first launched at in April 2005:


Soon, however, it turned blue, although the monitor lizard remained:


And then it got even more gussied up:


Now, the lizard’s gone entirely, and the RGE Monitor name seems to be on the outs too. The brand is just Roubini Global Economics, at


It even has a shadowy version:


The good news is that the silly little ™ sign seems to have disappeared. In any case, I guess that all talk about separating the RGE brand from Nouriel Roubini himself has gone by the wayside, and that they’re happy that Paul Krugman is referring to RGE strategist Arnab Das as “the Roubini people”. It’s Nouriel’s global economy, everybody else is just people.

Update: tentakles suggests that the new logo should have been a monitor lizard ripping the flesh from a vampire squid. File under “missed opportunities”, I guess.


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Is that really a monitor lizard? I’m no specialist, but that looks like a salamander to me. Monitors have narrower heads and claws rather than stubby toes: r_lizard amanderThat's reason enough to ditch it from the logo.I think a monitor lizard ripping the flesh from a vampire squid would be an excellent logo choice, but it is hard to do as a silhouette…

Posted by tentakles | Report as abusive

Oh, so that lizard was supposed to be a Monitor? I get it now. I always just figured ‘Roubini’ meant ‘gecko’ in Italian.

Needs a better agency (if he’s using one).The evolution of the type is fine.The loss of the lizard is a mistake.The original orange was a better color.I thought the ‘new’ branding was the original, that’s how immature it looks.Sigh.

My guess is that they ripped it off from Mozilla/Netscape for the digital age look, and thought it was tongue-in-cheek because of Gordon Gecko “Greed is good.”Did we ever figure out where he was really born? Turkey, or Iran? He has given conflicting reports. And who is his Mossad liaison?