December 4, 2009

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Palin: Obama birth certificate ‘a fair question’ — Politico

Gawker, of all outlets, is the first to put the White House pool reports online. ABC, Politico, where were you? — Gawker

Eliot Spitzer and Terry Richardson: what the … ? — Interview

And the winner of the “most egregious listicleization” award is Slate’s “write like Sarah Palin” contest — Slate

Simon Cowell, painted in Marmite on toast. Obvs. — YouTube

SEC pushes to reform mutual fund fees — Reuters

Dubai : Dubai World :: USA : Frannie? — Breakingviews

Behavioral economics works great. Behavioral finance? Not so much — Kedrosky

Gerhard Richter at the Serpentine. Gorgeous — YouTube

Legislation could cut JPM’s derivatives revenues by $3 billion, or 50% — Crain’s

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