By Felix Salmon
December 4, 2009

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“A Nov. 26 article incorrectly said a Public Enemy song declared 9/11 a joke. The song refers to 911, the emergency phone number.” — WaPo

If we were friends with John Paulson, we’d know what the roman numeral for “9″ was. But I love this series — NYMag

The freelancer scam at Time and NBC Universal: you wanna get paid? Then take a discount! — Gawker

French conservatism: “I may have been looking too far afield,” he said. In the future, “there may be less Languedoc” — NYT

Pandora, explained — xkcd

He wanted to become a great financial success. As a result, he did not mind wearing women’s clothing — NYMag, Reuters

New Jersey pulls a Larry Summers, and pays $22K a day for foiled bond plan — Bloomberg

“Picture you are in a room with 10 people screaming” — Rortybomb

Bonuses & ideology — Dillow

Inside information is a hallucinogen — D^2

The French CDS market is looking very messy — Risk

Problems, the infographic — Buzzfed


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Have I missed something? Felix, aren’t you going
to comment at all on the changes/degradations to your blog:

– broken formatting, even small blogs such as your
link blogs require a click through to see in their entirety (I suppose this is subjective how bad this is but to me it seems a big negative.)

– no comments without creating a Reuters account! Huh?
Did you think you had a serious comment-spam problem before?, because if not why are you doing this and do you
really think this will help you?
– many, many, seconds to load thanks to all your new but not so technically-with-it external links. On some of the eitht OS/browser combinations I have tried there is even one (firefox under linux) where I’ve found you unreachable. “” seems the primary but not sole cuprit. Is there a QA process? Does this process consider
download/refresh times?

I assume you were involved in approving these changes.
I would appreciate at the very least your opinion on them. Forgive me if you’ve offered this and I’ve missed it. Nevertheless, at this time you are nearly too annoying to access to be worth it for me. Am I alone?


Posted by axg | Report as abusive

Oh yeah, the ability to preview comments is generally
regarded as a good thing. What are your thoughts on
reuters removing this?

Posted by axg | Report as abusive

You speak for the many, axg. They think we’ll get used to it, but most probably won’t bother. Time will tell.


Now check this out… this is just scary interesting:


Posted by Uncle_Billy | Report as abusive

axg, flattered as I am by the implication that I’m important enough to be consulted on a major redesign of the entire site, it’s not the case. But what I can say is that there turn out to have been rather more glitches in the blog part of the redesign than anybody had anticipated. We’re working on it, and fingers crossed all your issues (and many other problems too) will have been addressed shortly.