December 7, 2009

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Best Venn diagram ever — Clusterflock

What New Yorkers are watching on Netflix — Twitpic

I’m loving this Clayton Homes ad: “Buy a home and receive a can of pork & beans absolutely FREE!” — Columbia Daily Herald

Numbers are really beautiful — UCR

56 newspapers in 45 countries speak with 1 voice through a common editorial — Guardian

Remember something on Twitter? Snap Bird lets you search for it — SnapBird

Stop grading your own students! Philip Greenspun rant about university teaching — Greenspun

Fortune’s stocks picked to last through the 2000s — Josh

Elin gets Tiger to pay for his infidelities. Literally — Mungo

“Is ‘magisterial’ simply a fancy word for ‘boring’?” — MR

4,000 words Matt Garrahan on the extreme dysfunction within MySpace. No wonder it’s imploding — FT

Had credit rating agencies followed their models, CDOs would have had lower ratings — SSRN

Wikipedia’s knowledge deserts — Guardian


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