By Felix Salmon
December 7, 2009

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Best Venn diagram ever — Clusterflock

What New Yorkers are watching on Netflix — Twitpic

I’m loving this Clayton Homes ad: “Buy a home and receive a can of pork & beans absolutely FREE!” — Columbia Daily Herald

Numbers are really beautiful — UCR

56 newspapers in 45 countries speak with 1 voice through a common editorial — Guardian

Remember something on Twitter? Snap Bird lets you search for it — SnapBird

Stop grading your own students! Philip Greenspun rant about university teaching — Greenspun

Fortune’s stocks picked to last through the 2000s — Josh

Elin gets Tiger to pay for his infidelities. Literally — Mungo

“Is ‘magisterial’ simply a fancy word for ‘boring’?” — MR

4,000 words Matt Garrahan on the extreme dysfunction within MySpace. No wonder it’s imploding — FT

Had credit rating agencies followed their models, CDOs would have had lower ratings — SSRN

Wikipedia’s knowledge deserts — Guardian


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no hat tip on the Pork & Beans ? ;-) it is a great ad – i am still praying it’s fake

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Ah, the perennial issue of HTs in linkblogs. I can do one or two per blog entry, but I do these Counterparties things late at night just by copy-and-pasting my Twitter links, and I often have no indication of where I found something. So for the record, many, many thanks to everybody who points me to all these wonderful places! Wherever you are!

I’m thinking that it’s these guys or pretenders to their trashy throne who are responsible for the pork and beans:

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