By Felix Salmon
December 8, 2009

Let's levy a windfall tax on Goldman Sachs! -- NYT

Why is Deutsche Bank raising its ETF fees? -- FT

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Jake takes me to task on houses-as-investments. I leave a brief reply in the comments — EconomPic

Krugman defends cap-and-trade — NYT

Let’s levy a windfall tax on Goldman Sachs! — NYT

Why is Deutsche Bank raising its ETF fees? — FT

Grant Achatz’s 37-course menu for Paul Liebrandt. I think I’d prefer three courses at Corton. — Alinea

This week’s New Yorker has a David Foster Wallace short story — TNY

Kathryn Tully on monetizing penguins — Metro

“One of the ladies was so large that she physically wouldn’t be able to exit the aircraft through the emergency exit” — NYP

Charting crisis books per month — Kedrosky

Google search results are now personalized by default. Danny Sullivan explains why this is a big deal — Search Engine Land

One of the single best explanations of the credit crisis — Headwaters

Kirsten Grind follows up on WaMu — Portfolio

Gold Can’t Beat Checking Accounts 30 Years After Peak — Bloomberg


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Dude. The new format is clean — I’ll give you that — but it’s also infuriating. I understand the desire to get full information on which posts people are reading off your front page and even maybe to offer post-specific advertising or other value-add, but:

a) Where is the ability to navigate between posts?

b) Have you considered the expand/shrink option exemplified by ?

c) When I’m looking at a specific post, your head and stripey shirt take up a disproportionate amount of screen space.

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Oh, and d) In your “Counterparties” posts the first link never works from the front page, so on this post, I can go to the NYT for Krugman’s take on cap-and-trade or the idea of slapping a windfall tax on GS, but not to EconomPic to read what Jake doesn’t like about your analysis.

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

a) coming.
b) I would LOVE that, but unfortunately it’s not up to me.
c) sorry.
d) known issue, should be fixed soon.

On a related note, the NYP link isn’t complete. I like the new look in general though.

Posted by ajw | Report as abusive

Thanks, fixed.

Perhaps you could put some sort of filler in the first link position until the coders have time to get to that.

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Krugman is at it again…

I sure wish the media had studied science and engineering instead of beer pong in college. I’m not sure which is a bigger scandal, the climate-gate coverup or the coverup of the coverup by much of the media.

Why the media silence? nderstanding_climategates_hid.html

This is huge!

If the mainstream media has come to this, perhaps it is good that they are falling into the dustbin of history while the bloggers take over.

Posted by DanHess | Report as abusive