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I sure wish the media had studied science and engineering instead of beer pong in college. I’m not sure which is a bigger scandal, the climate-gate coverup or the coverup of the coverup by much of the media.

Why the media silence? nderstanding_climategates_hid.html

This is huge!

If the mainstream media has come to this, perhaps it is good that they are falling into the dustbin of history while the bloggers take over.

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By: Anonymous Tue, 08 Dec 2009 11:03:19 +0000 Oh, and d) In your “Counterparties” posts the first link never works from the front page, so on this post, I can go to the NYT for Krugman’s take on cap-and-trade or the idea of slapping a windfall tax on GS, but not to EconomPic to read what Jake doesn’t like about your analysis.

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