December 9, 2009
Baseline Scenario

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Bike racks in loading/parking areas, &/or bike rooms, are a great alternative to freight elevators, which stop running at 6pm — NYT

Lady Gaga playing a Louise Bourgeois piano?! — Daily Mail

Simon Johnson slaps down Gerry Corrigan — Baseline Scenario

I don’t like this definition of TBTF, since it implies that failed WaMu was TBTF. But it’s a cute idea all the same — TNR

Would cutting interchange fees help create retail-sector jobs? — UCCF

“Bandwidth hogs” and unicorns are equally mythical — Ars, SA, Fiberevolution

Latest marketing gimmick: the “zero cost” ETF. Which still isn’t a very good deal (the fees rise, & it buys other ETFs) — ETFDB

Glenn Beck’s gold endorsement deal goes too far for Fox News — Daily Finance

More Americans Believe in Angels than Global Warming. And it ain’t even close — Outside the Beltway

Barack Obama for Treasury Secretary! (Cont) — DeLong

Value Line fires its legendary investment brain — Crain’s NY

“Now I demand to be called either ‘Monster’ or ‘Mr. Munch.'” — UPI

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