By Felix Salmon
December 11, 2009

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How Gordon Ramsay “neglected to take into account how little alcohol New Yorkers would order at lunch” and almost went bankrupt despite his TV income — Bloomberg

A hugely detailed report on how electric cars can become dominant in the US — PRTM

I love it when Jon Stewart rips in to Glenn Beck — The Daily Show

Accrued Interest adjudicates the question of whether debt is good or bad — AI

Don’t trust scientific-looking numbers you read in the press. Especially if they’re about wine. Or spinach — Legg Mason (PDF)


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As long as we’re having fun, two from Noel Coward: KE 6E

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“We weren’t unlucky,” says Hutcheson, 61, chief executive officer of Gordon Ramsay Holdings. “We were clumsy. We’d put too many risks in front of us with too much confidence that nothing would fail.”

To be fair, there was a lot of that going around.

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Felix, I can’t find your RSS link. Care to point me in the right direction?

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Svendthrift, the RSS feed for my blog is still ed/