Felix Salmon

“Larry Bergman”, Overstock’s sock-puppet

By Felix Salmon
December 12, 2009

Here’s the friend list of “Larry Bergman”, the Overstock-financed sock-puppet who helped to generate the notorious list of friends of those who are critical of crazy Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. Gary Weiss has the details of exactly how that list was generated; although “Bergman” never asked me to be his friend, he friended a few friends of mine, and that’s all he needed to see my own friends list.

The funniest part is that “Bergman” claimed to work at Goldman Sachs, and to have the email address sellrshort@gmail.com. You really can’t make this stuff up, but the problem is that public ridicule has no effect on these people. I guess they’re a bit like David Zinczenko that way.

Update: “Larry Bergman” has now been removed from Facebook, but Judd Bagley, his puppetmaster, has popped up on TBI, saying that he was “a composite” and “a simple labor-saving device”.

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There’s a certain craziness about all these characters, but where is the evidence against Byrne? Specifics please. How is he crazy? Is it just his relentless railing against naked short selling? Does he hear voices? What?

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“saying that he was “a composite” and “a simple labor-saving device”.”

Con men need labor saving devices too.

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It seems a lot of people in the mass media are blindly following the Gary Weiss version of the story without fully understanding what transpired. Gary Weiss just rants repeatedly about how Patrick Byrne “crazy” but everything that I’ve heard and read from the guy seems to make sense and there is a lot of evidence to support him. Gary Weiss on the other hand clearly has a history of trying to push his agenda in the media, on Wikipedia, and with industry insiders. Historically, the bulk of evidence I’ve been able to find on Mr Weiss is that he clearly lives in his own fantasy world where personal attacks instead of facts rule.

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