December 14, 2009

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Charlie Calomiris owns a bank! Which just got seized by the FDIC! — WaPo

Toyota to sell plug-in hybrid within two years getting 134 mpg — Bloomberg

Best detail of Berlusconi story? “The attacker was holding a small model of Milan Cathedral” — Sky

Immigration and Customs Enforcement seizes an illegal immigrant. Which does 0-60 in 4 secs — NYT

Very, very bad pun — Pearls before Swine

Well done, Houston! — Chronicle

Ashley Dupre, NY Post advice columnist. For realsy — Mediaite

US vs UK household leverage — Blogspot

The work-for-Amazon fitness program — Whimsley

On Matt Taibbi, flame throwing and making sense of things — Digby

“The Twitter API may have just become an open standard” — UnBerkeley

The only thing better than getting Kurt Andersen to write about the LHC? Getting Todd Eberle to photograph it — VF

Tyler Cowen says that FairTrade coffee is “mostly a marketing gimmick” — MR

Taibbi slaps down Fernholz — True/Slant

Bill Ackman’s studio apartment: Asked $950k. Sold for a rather more reasonable $320k — Curbed

I cannot distinguish / some phonemes in Enguish / which causes me anguish / in learning the languish — Language Log

“I never had trouble with Vista, but upgraded to Windows 7 and I haven’t seen so many blue screens in years” — Thoma

Fake Steve UNLOADING on AT&T. An instant classic — Fake Steve

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