By Felix Salmon
December 17, 2009

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ProPublica tries its hand at crowdsourcing a CDO story — ProPublica

Interesting, what the LA Times considers “outwardly unpretentious” — Radosh

“Buy two freedom trays and we’ll give you 2 FREE, and 4 Freedom Huggers!” — Freedom Tray

Good for the UK, phasing out paper checks entirely by 2018 — Yahoo

Gold. Women. Sheep. Will you be ready? — Colbert

Gary Weiss has more information on Judd Bagley, “a special kind of douchebag” — Weiss


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Felix – can you please ask to remove the “continue reading” button and show the whole post instead?

Posted by vk9141 | Report as abusive

I think I almost threw up watching that Freedom Tray commercial. That freedom tray looked suspiciously like a real tray, and those “freedom huggers” looked surprisingly similar to coozies!

Posted by daveintheapple | Report as abusive

Don’t submit to the Oppression of lugging an awkward tray all over creation! Announcing the “Liberty Bag”. A durable, reusable, disposable plastic bag, much like the bag your groceries are packed in, ONLY BETTER!

*Compresses to the size of a Hanky!
*Stuff it in your pocket when not in use!
*Decorated with The Grocery Chain Logo OF YOUR CHOICE at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!


Posted by TomOfTheNorth | Report as abusive

vk — yes, I’ve asked; it should happen, I’m just not sure when, exactly.