Which blogs does Jim Bunning read?

By Felix Salmon
December 17, 2009
quotes Jim Bunning quoting "a blogger":

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The NYT quotes Jim Bunning quoting “a blogger”:

On Thursday, Mr. Bunning, who has one of the most conservative voting records in the Senate, remained a thorn in the chairman’s side. He quoted a blogger in delivering his criticism: If the Senate confirmed Mr. Bernanke, the senator said, it would be like rewarding the captain of the Titanic for piloting the ship into an iceberg, not for getting everyone off safely.

As Jessica Pressler says, why no name for this blogger? My feeling is that it’s Kid Dynamite, although he didn’t say exactly what the NYT said that Bunning said that he said (yes, I know, this is getting confusing):

Bernanke cannot and should not be exalted for his response to the crisis which HE failed to prevent. The accolade from Foreign Policy is mind boggling to me. To bring back an old analogy: it’s like commending the captain of the Titanic for getting people out on lifeboats after he steered the ship into an iceberg.

Firstly, Kid Dynamite was talking about an award from Foreign Policy, not Senate confirmation; secondly, he said that lauding Bernanke would be akin to giving the captain a gong for getting people onto lifeboats, not that it wouldn’t be.

But maybe I’ve got the reference wrong? Did some other blogger say something closer to what Bunning said?


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They talked a lot about Bunning at Naked Capitalism. I think Yves Smith was impressed by the pertinence and sharpness of the questions he asked BB. One reader said the questions were fed by folks at ZeroHedge.

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Right blogger, wrong source, and wrong reason.

I doubt that Bunning has ever read Kid Dynamite – my bet is that he visits Ritholtz’s Big Picture blog, which would make a lot more sense. And yesterday Ritholtz posted on Bernanke being named Time’s Person of the Year. High up in the comments thread, Kid Dynamite posted pretty much the same thing you quote.

So not only does Bunning read ‘Big Picture,’ he also dips into the comments threads. But in both cases, the quip was a response to Time, not FP. And it would explain why Bunning didn’t cite his source. It’s one thing to quote Ritholtz, quite another to say you’re cribbing from his comments section.

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thanks Felix – i’m not sure I created that analogy – in fact, I probably didn’t. although it sticks in my head and i have certainly used it more than once i think. for some reason, i seem to recall Mike Shedlock (MISH) using it originally, but i may be wrong.

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upon further thought, i think it was Dean Baker who may have first coined the Titanic analogy

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Felix, buddy..

Add market-ticker.org to your list of daily sites. Karl’s been saying that since 07.

The reason it’s mildly probable that Bunning was reading from Denninger? Karl faxes Bunning and other reps at least weekly, sometimes daily.

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I happen to know Jim Bunning wouldn’t regurgitate questions fed to him by ZeroHedge. He is a true American hero: one of the few politicians with the backbone to oppose the Paulson/Bernanke/Geithner bailout in the heat of the storm.

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I’m pretty sure Bunning didn’t read anything. His record shows pretty clearly that he’s no mental giant, and he had a hard time even reading his prepared material. My guess is that he’s got a real sharp guy (gal?) or two among his staff that prepares this stuff for him.

BTW, I agree that it’s probably Denninger.

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He definitely reads at least one financial blog, take a look at this post:

http://cunningrealist.blogspot.com/2009/ 12/bernanke-responds.html

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