Which blogs does Jim Bunning read?

December 17, 2009
quotes Jim Bunning quoting "a blogger":

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The NYT quotes Jim Bunning quoting “a blogger”:

On Thursday, Mr. Bunning, who has one of the most conservative voting records in the Senate, remained a thorn in the chairman’s side. He quoted a blogger in delivering his criticism: If the Senate confirmed Mr. Bernanke, the senator said, it would be like rewarding the captain of the Titanic for piloting the ship into an iceberg, not for getting everyone off safely.

As Jessica Pressler says, why no name for this blogger? My feeling is that it’s Kid Dynamite, although he didn’t say exactly what the NYT said that Bunning said that he said (yes, I know, this is getting confusing):

Bernanke cannot and should not be exalted for his response to the crisis which HE failed to prevent. The accolade from Foreign Policy is mind boggling to me. To bring back an old analogy: it’s like commending the captain of the Titanic for getting people out on lifeboats after he steered the ship into an iceberg.

Firstly, Kid Dynamite was talking about an award from Foreign Policy, not Senate confirmation; secondly, he said that lauding Bernanke would be akin to giving the captain a gong for getting people onto lifeboats, not that it wouldn’t be.

But maybe I’ve got the reference wrong? Did some other blogger say something closer to what Bunning said?


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