December 18, 2009

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Against the handwriting Nazis — Miller-McCune

You think that walking away is a Bad Thing? Tell that to Morgan Stanley! — Ritholtz

Facebook issues a statement about the Overstock/Deep Capture sockpuppetry — Weiss

Krugman teams up with DeLong against Bernanke on inflation targets — NYT

The WSJ tries to charge $60/year for a “daily news summary” on top of its subscription price — WSJ

Meredith Whitney’s ridiculously overprecise Goldman EPS estimates — Matthews

Ned Phelps: “little or no economic dynamism comes from our stock of housing as against, say, our stores of clothing” — BEPress (PDF)

Phew! I got all 3 questions right on this algebra quiz. But I did feel I was using muscles I haven’t used in years — WNYC

Can magazine publishers reinvent themselves for the e-book age? I think the answer is no — Hammersley

The Copenhagen conference might be a bust, but at least it’s got a good logo! — Reuters, Under Consideration

The Bank of England financial stability report — BoE


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