By Felix Salmon
December 18, 2009

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Against the handwriting Nazis — Miller-McCune

You think that walking away is a Bad Thing? Tell that to Morgan Stanley! — Ritholtz

Facebook issues a statement about the Overstock/Deep Capture sockpuppetry — Weiss

Krugman teams up with DeLong against Bernanke on inflation targets — NYT

The WSJ tries to charge $60/year for a “daily news summary” on top of its subscription price — WSJ

Meredith Whitney’s ridiculously overprecise Goldman EPS estimates — Matthews

Ned Phelps: “little or no economic dynamism comes from our stock of housing as against, say, our stores of clothing” — BEPress (PDF)

Phew! I got all 3 questions right on this algebra quiz. But I did feel I was using muscles I haven’t used in years — WNYC

Can magazine publishers reinvent themselves for the e-book age? I think the answer is no — Hammersley

The Copenhagen conference might be a bust, but at least it’s got a good logo! — Reuters, Under Consideration

The Bank of England financial stability report — BoE


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The breakages and silly annoyances on this “updated” site continues unabated. I ask you, please make an clear comment as to your take on this. If it is “I don’t see any problems, it must be your fault” so be it. If it it “I cannot comment” that also helps. Even “Wait N weeks” is good. You are so vocal on so many issues, even business issues touching Reuters, that your silence so far suggest that I (and several others) are nuts, or you are under some sort of corporate gag order.

N.b. Whoever organized this should be fired. Regardless of whether the outcome is ultimately better, the lack of QA is unforgivable.

N.b.2. Google no longer indexes you properly after the brak; I’m sure you’ve noticed. That would be _Google_. Deliberate business decision (a la Murdoch) or just a bug? Either way, shouldn’t you have an opinion? A public opinion?

Posted by axg2 | Report as abusive

Well, some of the silly annoyances should have been fixed last night. The title of the page now has the title of the blog entry, for instance (this might take a while to show up in Google); the first link in the Counterparties list now shows up on the home page; etc. Other things, like bringing back the search function and the Twitter widget, might need to wait until the new year, since apparently all Thomson Reuters websites are put into “lockdown” for the final two weeks of the year, for reasons which I’m unsure about. Believe me, I’m pushing, and I’m hopeful that everything that’s broken will get fixed. I’m just a bit unclear on the timing, if you work in a large organization you’ll understand why.

Also, it needs a little more cowbell.

Posted by Uncle_Billy | Report as abusive

A little housekeeping of the comments section would help to keep up the professional quality of the blog. If the blog is sloppy, its gravitas diminishes, and a blog by you deserves better.

Mainly ones laced with profanity such as one by @Whatzupwitdat in “Is this just the beginning of a depression?”. In another example, the first pages-long comment under “Those Harvard swaps: Even more of a fiasco than we thought” appears to have been written by someone who is hypomanic and off their meds. Sincerely.

Posted by DanHess | Report as abusive