By Felix Salmon
December 22, 2009

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Alicia Keys and Stephen Colbert. Oh yes — Hulu

There are 4.22 Citi shares for every person in the world — BIG

The bizarre story of – complete with Pentagon connection! — Streetsblog

How much is a blog worth? The once popular but now rarely updated just sold for $12k — eBay

Iceland Levies Europe’s Highest (25.5%) VAT to Help Finance Budget Gap — Bloomberg

The problem with contingent debt: it brings shareholder risk down while increasing systemic risk — SSRN

Fall Internship Pays Off With Coveted Winter Internship — The Onion

Time’s Justin Fox has a new job “identifying leading-edge content in key topic areas across all of HBR’s publishing platforms” — Businesswire

Please to explain, Ben Stein, why Obama is “people who don’t pay their grocery bills” — Fortune

How MBAs killed GM — TNR

“Anarchic rockers Rage Against the Machine have pulled off one of the biggest shocks in UK chart history” — BBC

Did Cravath’s first-year-associate bonus fall from $7,500 (WSJ, Nov 2) to $5,000 (Bloomberg, today)? — WSJ, Bloomberg

Will @TheEconomist reach 750k followers in 6 months? I’ll bet no — FT

Feynman on Rubber Bands — YouTube

Woman survives 120-foot suicide jump from Brooklyn Bridge into the icy East River, plus 5-10 mins in the water — NYDN

AIG, Show Us the E-Mail — NYT

Carmen Herrera = rockstar — NYT

I.D. magazine “had the exact same web template as that of sister publication Deer & Deer Hunting” — Fast Company

Roa in London — Unurth


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Re CommuterOutrage. So plausible deniability has been extended even to direct employees.

Seems a bit time and thought-consuming to be just a hobby.

In effect, you can have thousands of govt. workers, sitting in cubes, getting paid to do a job, and they can be retasked to prosecute large propaganda campaigns, on the taxpayers dime, for the benefit of private corporations. Because… because… the spokesperson can tell you that they were independently blogging during their work hours.

Stasi R Us.

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Dear Felix

If it might be of interest to you.

Here is the link to the interview which has been kindly given to me (for my BLOG) as of today by Mr. Satyajit Das, risk consultant and the author of the book “Traders, Guns & Money”.

http://acemaxx-analytics-dispinar.blogsp sk-consultant.html

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