December 22, 2009

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Alicia Keys and Stephen Colbert. Oh yes — Hulu

There are 4.22 Citi shares for every person in the world — BIG

The bizarre story of – complete with Pentagon connection! — Streetsblog

How much is a blog worth? The once popular but now rarely updated just sold for $12k — eBay

Iceland Levies Europe’s Highest (25.5%) VAT to Help Finance Budget Gap — Bloomberg

The problem with contingent debt: it brings shareholder risk down while increasing systemic risk — SSRN

Fall Internship Pays Off With Coveted Winter Internship — The Onion

Time’s Justin Fox has a new job “identifying leading-edge content in key topic areas across all of HBR’s publishing platforms” — Businesswire

Please to explain, Ben Stein, why Obama is “people who don’t pay their grocery bills” — Fortune

How MBAs killed GM — TNR

“Anarchic rockers Rage Against the Machine have pulled off one of the biggest shocks in UK chart history” — BBC

Did Cravath’s first-year-associate bonus fall from $7,500 (WSJ, Nov 2) to $5,000 (Bloomberg, today)? — WSJ, Bloomberg

Will @TheEconomist reach 750k followers in 6 months? I’ll bet no — FT

Feynman on Rubber Bands — YouTube

Woman survives 120-foot suicide jump from Brooklyn Bridge into the icy East River, plus 5-10 mins in the water — NYDN

AIG, Show Us the E-Mail — NYT

Carmen Herrera = rockstar — NYT

I.D. magazine “had the exact same web template as that of sister publication Deer & Deer Hunting” — Fast Company

Roa in London — Unurth


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