Bikinis in Basel

December 29, 2009

Just how far is the WSJ moving towards UK-style journalism? Well, the editor of its European edition, Patience Wheatcroft, used to edit the Sunday Telegraph — a broadsheet gently ribbed in media circles for its ability to illustrate just about any story with a picture of a girl in a bikini.


Today, she gives us a case study in how that’s done, illustrating her column on the impossibly-dry subject of international capital adequacy regimes with the photo caption at left.

The quote is a great one — but the decision to illustrate it as literally as possible is pure Fleet Street. And of course if this bikini-photo is too small for those of us reading the column online, a bigger version is only a click away!

In any case, many thanks to the WSJ for using a Reuters picture. I think in this case a dot-portrait would have defeated the purpose somewhat.


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