December 29, 2009
Kid Dynamite

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Is there a simple physical limit to how many wireless broadband customers you can have in a small area? — Phorgy

Chinese Harmony train sets speed record — FT

Altucher on why you should rent rather than buy — NYPost

How Goldman Sachs is the guy who can make the Jack of Spades jump out of the deck and squirt cider in your ear — Kid Dynamite

“One of the oddest things to happen in the past year has been the fight between John Taylor and his Taylor Rule” — DeLong

Fox vs Time Warner Cable: Yet another reason to move to a-la-carte pricing — NYT

Should America be manufacturing its own luggage? — Economist

AT&T Resumes Online iPhone Sales — WSJ

“We’re on a sugar high,’’ El-Erian says. “It feels good for a while but is unsustainable.” — Globe

A very clear and useful primer on why the expanding monetary base isn’t intrinsically inflationary — Mankiw

The map of remoteness — New Scientist

Car routes in Boston — Cartogrammar

Depressing: No cap-and-trade attempt in 2010? — Politico

“Congress is effectively making private insurers unnecessary, yet continuing to insist that we can’t do without them” — New Yorker

TMZ’s 2009 ad revenue is $15M vs. $28M in 2008. (Blame the economy and AOL’s ad sales division woes.) — NYT

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