December 30, 2009
Foreign Policy

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I’m enjoying Brad’s new book. But arguably he’s even better as a photographer — DeLong

The suggested user list makes a huge difference in number of followers, but no difference in retweets, replies, or clicks — Dashes

24 things that were true on this day in 1999 — Foreign Policy

Deep geopolitical thinking from Ben Stein: “They’re psychos, same as all terrorists and murderers”. (Forward to 6:30) — Politico

Nick Denton explains how he turned into “a goggle-eyed moron” after moving to NYC and starting to watch TV — PVRBlog

Nokia says most Apple products violate its patents — BBC

A wonderful Tierney column on delayed gratification — Tierney

Next Decade Will Be Good One for Stock Investors — Bloomberg

David Levine, RIP — NYT

Postrel is very good on the freelancer ethics dilemma facing the NYT — but doesn’t Tripsas also get speaking fees? — Dynamist

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