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The standard, if I recall correctly, is that there must be a fair probability that the wiretap will reveal evidence about a crime.

I think the government must have had some evidence not mentioned in order to flip Khan (unless she was in a position that made the impropriety of her communications obvious). However, even with what is mentioned, its more than enough to get a warrant.

I would imagine Khan’s testimony that there was an insider trading ring was the core of the request, and the evidence here was used to corroborate her story. (If I recall correctly, the unsupported testimony of a co-conspirator is generally not good enough to get a warrant).

The request may have gone something like this:

We have a witness who admits to being in an insider trading ring with Rajaratnam. She claims to have passed him information on Polycom. The text message corroborates that. She claims he had access to inside information from employees at Intel. This is corroborated by his uncannily accurate predictions. Repeat as needed for the other tapped phone calls and businesses he allegedly had information on.